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5GMARK, Innovation at the service of mobile customer vision


5GMARK enables each consumer to test their network with a professional, reliable tool.
5GMARK collects millions of tests all around the world, every second, from all operators and in millions of different configurations.
This database base measures customer experience in real time over a scope and volume that goes beyond the capacities of drive tests or standard surveys.
Our statistical, analytical and big data skills mean we can use the most relevant data to meet your need.

Database access

A portal is used to access real-time measurements offering data export and many KPIs:
- Benchmark / Statistics.
- Optimization / Investigation.
- Alerts / Monitoring.


The 5GMARK crowdsourcing database supports professionals requiring an in-depth analysis of a specific issue:
- Marketing analysis
- Legal expertise
- Authorities and regulations
- R&D studies


5GMARK enables the creation of barometers, articles, maps or even tools for consumers for the use of telecom regulators, local authorities and consumer associations.


5GMARK Pro is a professional tool for measuring quality of service (QoS) or quality of experience (QoE) that is used by many operators the world over. The 5GMARK tool offers a wide selection of test protocols (data, web, YouTube, Voice, SMS, Facebook, etc.) and dozens of different metrics. It is part of a complete, innovative solution.
Each license is autonomous and controlled by a portal, guaranteeing reliable, easy, comprehensive measurements. Firmly focussed on customer experience, the tool operates on the widest panel of native terminals, and benefits from the significant experience gleaned from the free version.

5GMARK Pro is used to automate tests on data networks:
- The tool is totally autonomous, performing its measurements for a defined or indefinite period of time or number of tests, and automatically feeds its results back to the dedicated server.
- From the dedicated portal, the administrator can create scenarios and manage their distribution remotely.
- The application is fully functional in probe mode (7/24) and, for specific usages, enables a network, link or usage to be monitored in real time.
It is designed in line with telecom state-of-the-art in order to analyse issues and collect indicators linked both to the coverage and performance of data networks.

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Acclaimed by operators, equipment manufacturers, regulators and their service providers, the tool is used to measure different usages representative of the customer experience (Customer Experience Management).
- File transfer (Download/Upload)
- YouTube streaming
- Web browsing
- Voice (recording)
- SMS (sending and receiving)
- Passive monitoring
- Innovative services (Facebook, Twitter
To ensure measurement corresponds to typical usage, all functions are available on native non-rooted telephones. Installation is performed over the air with no modification or intervention on the equipment.

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Two levels of information are systematically collected:
- Data from the test summarizing the result of each action in brief criteria (sometimes from algorithmic calculations).
- Trace data providing an instant or event-based reading (during the stages of the test, and changes in status of the terminal or the environment) of the key information concerning the network and location. This vertical mode of operation provides information over the entire duration of the test. The information measured is not just that from the start or end of the test. This advanced level of detail permits improved filtering and an accurate view of the environment variables when an anomaly arises (failure, cut-off, timeout, etc.).

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Custom Version

Whether for professional (B2B) or public (B2C) usage, the 5GMARK engine can be adapted, designated and supplemented for specific needs. With a continuously maintained, cutting-edge test engine, you can accelerate your development and focus on your target. Your solution with its customized design and functions is available in just a few weeks.

In Europe, SNCF, the French public railway company, selected 5GMARK as their CEM tool giving a better vision of the mobile coverage used by its employees and customers.
Customized for the specific business constraints of the railway world, the Net.SNCF application is used by 80,000 agents through MDM.
SNCF has concrete, relevant elements at its disposal in its relations with mobile operators.

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For the ‘Euroconsumers’ consortium of consumer associations, including Test-Achats (Belgium), Altro Consumo (Italy), Deco Proteste (Portugal), Ocu (Spain), Proteste (Brazil),
5GMARK created a quality-of-customer-experience measurement application designed for the general public, together with numerous specific services: barometers, operator comparison, multi-lingual and multi-interface management.
This application contributes to the shared database and therefore broadens the contributing user potential.

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